Monday, September 15, 2003

Yesterday I turned ONE!

*Gasp* A party for lil' ol' ME?

It should be my birthday everyday!

I know I haven't posted much but *sigh* the older you are the more hectic life becomes. I will attempt to keep my adoring fans up to date, but for now, there is a piece of cake with my name on it. (No, really!)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

It's been a busy weekend. We have family from out of town here but 4 of them are young kids so it's been a little fun for me. I got some new toys yesterday. My mom only would give me one of them. It's this weird looking purple hedgehog that is wearing squeaky purple tennis shoes. Weird! But I like the squeaky sounds. I think we're having a cookout today. That means I will undoubtedly get some sort of food out of it and if they don't think to offer me any, I'll just have to remind them of my existance with a hard bite to the ankle. (kidding!) They'll remember... I have faith. I must go continue in my beastly ways. Bye for now.

Friday, July 25, 2003

We were supposed to get air conditioning yesterday but it was still hot. I thought my parents lied to me when they said that we were gettting air conditioning! But later today it started getting cooler in the house. I walked over to a vent, lifted my beastly nose in the air and discovered a cool breeze. Oh I'm so happy! No more hot days cooped up in the house! Other noteworthy things from today:

I had parts of a yummy pancake for breakfast (humans can't resist my "sad" face hehe)
I chewed on a bully stick
The air conditioning installer guys paid attention to me
My parents had pizza for dinner and I had a couple bites
I played in my swimming pool
I played tug several times today

That's about it. I don't feel like writing anymore because it is nice and comfy in here and it's long overdue for a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hello Everyone! This is my first "Blog" entry! I am Nadia (a.k.a. Nadi a.k.a. Beast, Little Beast, Beastly Animal, Precious Beast... you get the idea). I'm a Yellow Labrador. Ok, you might think this is some sort of joke. Nope! No joke. I'm just that smart. A bit about me - I'm 10 months old, I live in California, I love everyone both human and canine - sometimes feline. My favorite junk food snack is Beggin' Strips or Snausages and my favorite health food snack is the Natural Balance turkey roll or a nice frozen raw knuckle bone. In my spare time I lounge around in bed, eat, look out the window and try to entice my mom into playing tug. Tug and toy destruction are my two favorite things to do at home, and going to the lagoon to swim and play with my canine friends is my favorite outdoor activity.

Here is a photo of me!

I'll check back in tomorrow. We're getting air conditioning installed ahhhh... life is good!

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